BBC Weather: Temperatures nosedive to just 3C as bitterly cold blast grips UK this week

BBC Weather: Temperatures forecast to fall across UK

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UK weather is “all change after this weekend” as temperatures across the country drop to single figures. The latest BBC weather forecast shows a “much fresher” feel to the weather compared to the late Indian Summer of recent days. Temperatures, which have hit 21C in parts of the country this week, dropped to just 3C overnight in the south-east, according to the Met Office.

BBC meteorologist Susan Powell explained to BBC Breakfast viewers: “It is all changing after the weekend.

“Yesterday it wasn’t great for Scotland and Northern Ireland, there was quite a lot of rain around. Today we see a return of some sunshine here.

“Overall today is shaping up to be a day that brings quite a lot of sunshine to the UK.

“We have a cold front bringing in some cloud in southern England at the moment.”

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She continued: “We have been sitting in 20C in tropical air, and today we could still see 20C in parts of the south where the cloud clears out.

“But it is a much fresher feel, certainly across Scotland and Northern Ireland as we pick up a keen northernly and gusty wind – with gusts close to gale-force.”

Temperatures today will drop to the mid-teens on average. 

Ms Powell added: “It will be a chiller start to Monday.

“Temperatures down to single figures at the start of our new week.

UK weather: Fog patches and cooler temperatures expected

“The main difference to last week is that it is going to feel fresher but with some sunshine around. Highs on Monday will be 16C.

“On Tuesday, a northerly breeze down the North Sea could feel quite chilly, so just 11C for Newcastle.

“However, a change in wind direction does bring the promise of nicer weather for next weekend.”


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She noted that temperatures will be around the average for this time of year, before adding that it “will not be as warm as it has been recently”.

On Saturday, the Met Office had to issue a heavy fog warning as visibility dipped to as low as 50m in some parts of the country.

Earlier in the week, there was flooding in the south of England, causing particular travel disruption in London.

At the time, a spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “Flash flooding in some areas of London last night is causing concern and anxiety for many Londoners and it shows once again that the dangers of climate change have moved closer to home.”

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