BBC weather: Lightning thunderstorms to batter Britain as heavy rain sparks flood warning

BBC Weather: Flash flood warnings amid heavy storms

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BBC Weather meteorologist Matt Taylor warned of lightning thunderstorms across the UK. He added that the heavy storms could cause flash flooding in any place where they occur. Mr Taylot also warned temperatures will be down notably compared to the heat spike seen earlier in the week.

Mr Taylor said: “We have seen some big storms and it was quite a disturbed night for some of you.

“There were flashes of lightning and thunder around.

“Some of them have eased but more will return as we go through today.

“It is mainly in the west where the showers are most frequent.

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“There is a batch of heavy showers working its way into southern Scotland though it is drier through parts of the Midlands towards the southeast.

“You should get to work here hopefully on the dry side before the showers start to develop.

“Drier spells through the middle parts of the day for some parts of England before the showers develop again.

“Northern Ireland should see the skies brighten up a bit before the showers arrive.”

BBC Weather: Higher than average temperatures across Europe

The BBC weather forecaster noted that there would be a drop in temperature across the UK after the highs of 30C.

However, temperatures, for many, will still be in the low to mid-20s making it above-average temperatures for the time of year.

He said: “When you see the sunshine it will still feel quite warm and humid out there.

“Compared with yesterday, those temperatures of high 20s and low 30s are more likely to be the low to mid-20s today.

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“They are still higher than where they should be for this stage in the year, however.”

Mr Taylor went on to warn against the heavy rain and thunderstorm downpours across the UK.

He said: “When we see those severe thunderstorms there could be some flash flooding.

“There could be some frequent lightning that causes a few issues just about anywhere in the UK where you see those storms.

“There will be some places that avoid them altogether.”

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