BBC Weather – Gale force winds forecasted to hit 50mph hit UK

BBC Weather: Gale force winds and rain forecasted

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The BBC weatherwoman forecasted a mild start to the day and predicted high temperatures for this time of year, as the mercury is expected to reach as high as 21 degrees on Friday. Ms Keith-Lucas also warned Britons of incoming gust winds, which have been forecasted to range between 50mph and 60mph. And the Met Office has issued two yellow weather warnings for Northern Ireland and Orkney due to heavy rain.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “Mild again today, so yesterday we had temperatures as high as 21 degrees.

“And today we’re likely to see something similar, so yes temperature high for the time of year.

“But there’s also some wet and fairly windy weather at times, both today and through the weekend as well.

“And that’s because we’ve got low pressure that’s sitting out in the Atlantic.

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Ms Keith-Lucas added: “So weather fronts rotating around that area of low pressure.

“Bringing the wind and the rain, but also bringing us mild air.

“So the winds at the moment coming from a South or even a South-Westerly direction drawing in all that mild air.

“Certainly looking frost-free overnight for the next few nights, and very mild by day.

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Ms Keith-Lucas said: “But we’ve got of rain this morning.

“For Northern Ireland and Scotland, through parts of Northern England and down to the South-West.

“Fizzling out for parts of Southern England as that rain pushes its way Northwards and Eastwards.

“So by the afternoon the rain really sitting across Orkney and Shetland.

Ms Keith-Lucas added: “But for the rest of the UK, drier sunnier conditions, and just a few showers are rolling in for Northern Ireland.

“But some strong and gusty winds, particularly this morning, 50mph possibly even 60mph gusts will expose Western locations.

“But the winds ease a little bit in the afternoon, and those temperatures again are about 20 degrees for the warmest spots.

“Quite widely in the mid to high teens for most of us, and it’s looking largely dry through the evening, but overnight we see the next areas of cloud and rain.”

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