BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns temperatures to drop to -2C as gusty winds to pummel UK

BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns for ‘strengthening’ winds over weekend

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BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood said rain will subside to give way to more sunshine through Thursday but temperatures will likely tamper with the good weather. Ms Kirkwood said gusty winds will persist and chances of rain increase as the day progresses as a northerly front slowly sinks southwards. The BBC forecaster said: “It is a chilly start for some of us, there’s a touch of frost around.

“We still have a chilly, nagging northerly breeze, especially along the east coast.

“But more in the way of sunshine. We’ve had a lot of showers across the north and the east, some of them making progress inland, also some showers in the west and along the Channel Islands.

“A cold start if you’re waking up in western Scotland, only 2C in Glasgow but a fair bit of sunshine around. For Northern Ireland, some showers and quite chilly for you, too.

“And across parts of northwest England, Wales, into the southwest, we’re also looking at a chilly start but a lot of sunshine.”

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Ms Kirkwood continued: “West Wales and Cornwall prone to showers today as indeed is eastern England, East Anglia, down towards the Midlands also towards Kent.

“Through the course of the day, some more of these showers will head in the direction of the southeast.

“We’re looking at fewer than yesterday, still quite breezy and gusty winds, gusts as high as 40mph.

“So that will accentuate the cold feel, temperatures are down.”

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said southern areas will likely hold on to the sunshine longer than the rest of the UK, were drizzle will develop during the day.

Overnight, temperatures are expected to fall further, with some areas in southern England potentially hitting -2C ahead of Friday.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “As we head on through the evening and overnight, a weather front coming in the late afternoon to the northwest will bring its cloud and its rain slowly sinking southwards.

“We’re hanging on to the sunshine in southern England – here we’re likely to see a touch of frost. Here temperatures could fall to -2 in some rural areas.”

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A further front will then be targeting the UK in the run-up to the weekend, bringing in further downpours across the northwest and northeast.

The wet weather will make its way down the rest of the country as coastal towns in the north and south east of England will see the miserable weather by November 13.

By November 19, the entire country will be drenched with heavy rain, with Scotland and the north east of England being hit the worst.

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