BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of freezing temperatures and rain as mercury plummets

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BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood warned conditions will be “getting colder by day and by night” this week as temperatures are plummeting. Heavy rain is forecast in the west but will turn lighter as it moves eastwards throughout the day. Ms Kirkwood said: “We’ve got a band of rain moving east to west and behind that we’ve got some sunshine and showers.

“Our band of rain is actually a cold front and we’ve got a peppering of showers.

“As this band of rain advances eastwards it will turn lighter and more patchy in nature allowing sunshine to follow on behind.

“But some of those showers in the west could be on the heavy side.

“Temperatures today lower than yesterday.

“For much of Scotland, England and Wales we’re looking at about 7C to 10C.

“Still hanging on to the mild conditions across the Channel Islands.”

She added: “We’re more likely to have a widespread frost tonight across many areas away from where we’ve got the cloud hanging on.

“We’re also likely to see some mist and fog patches forming which will be slow to clear.

“It’s getting colder by day and by night as we go through the week.”

A dry start on Thursday with patches of mist, fog and frost for many.

However this will largely lift and clear during the day to reveal lengthy spells of autumnal sunshine.

Areas of low cloud and patches of mist will tend to linger for much of the day for some, largely across western Scotland.

Friday will be generally dry but it will be largely dull with cloudy skies and misty patches lingering.


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Drizzle across north-west Scotland. Saturday will continue mostly dry with a few bright spells however there will be large amounts of thick cloud cover and patches of mist will be slow to clear.

Netweather forecaster Paul Michaelwaite said: “With clearer skies and a colder airmass overhead, there’ll also the threat of some overnight frost and fog into Thursday morning – away from the still milder, and cloudier southeast corner that is.”

Jo Farrow, Netweather forecaster, added: “For Thursday morning and more so by Friday morning there will be fog.

“With temperatures around freezing and very light winds, there will be frost, the risk of freezing fog and dense fog in places.”

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