BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts 30C or a little more scorcher for Brits to bask in

BBC Weather: UK forecast increasingly hot temperatures

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BBC weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood forecasted temperatures up to 30C degrees for southeast areas of the country by Friday. Referring to Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, she warned temperatures will still be “generally in the mid of the high teens”. Despite temperatures expected to hit 21C degrees on Monday, some spots of rain and clouds are going to build through the course of the day. As we carry into Thursday and Friday, England and Wales will see “the highest values” with temperatures expected to reach 30C degrees and “even a bit more”, Ms Kirkwood forecasted.

Ms Kirkwood said: “By Friday, parts of the southeast of England could hit 30C degrees, possibly even a bit more.

“But for Scotland and Northern Ireland, although your temperatures are going to go up a bit, you’ll still be generally in the mid to the high teens.

Referring to today’s weather forecast, she added: “What we’ve got is a fair bit of cloud across Scotland, Northern Ireland, coming in across Wales and southwest England.

“Some spots of rain and drizzle too in the north and the west and after a sunny start in some central and eastern areas, the clouds are going to build through the course of the day.

“There’ll still be some sunny intervals and it will brighten up later across Northern Ireland, Wales and southwest England with top temperatures up to 21C degrees.

“So a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday, when it was 23C degrees.

“Something you’ll notice today is the high pollen levels across England and also Wales.

“We’re talking especially grass pollen at the moment.

“Through this evening and overnight, we hand on to a fair bit of cloud across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Some more rain comes in and the cloud also strikes across the far south east, but in between the wisdom clear skies and not a particularly cold night.”

Referring to tomorrow’s forecast, she said: “We’ve got the cloud in the southeast to clear.

“We also have this cloud across Scotland and Northern Ireland, and that too will be producing some showers.

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“But in between, there will be some sunshine and temperatures 13C degrees in Lubbock, 20C in Hull, and up to about 25C in the London areas.”

As we head into Wednesday, she forecasted: “A lot of dry weather around, especially across England, Wales, and most of Scotland.

“But you can see in the west more cloud and also some splashes of rain coming in here.

“Temperatures 14C in Stornoway, 18C in Belfast but creeping up to about 27 as we slip down towards the southeast.

“And as we carry on through Thursday and into Friday, England and Wales will see the highest values, potentially up to about 30C degrees”.

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