BBC Weather Brits warned of cold trend as mercury to plummet once again

BBC Weather: Cooler temperatures to move across UK

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Susan Powell warned of patchy clouds at the start of the week in the North East before temperatures start to dip. The BBC Weather forecaster also predicted temperatures of between slopping off. The high pressure will bring patches of rain, and murkier skies in the Midlands. Ms Powell predicted that in contrast to this weekend, next week looks very different. The Met Office has not issued any weather warnings for today.

Ms Powell said: “This is Kent this morning and things are looking much murkier.

“In fact, it’s pretty overcast across much of the South East of England, East Anglia all the way up into Lincolnshire as we’ve pulled in a big bank of cloud off the North Sea.

“And it’s also extended off into the Midlands, producing some drizzly rain I think on and off through the morning, some very closed visibility, particularly across Norfolk and Lincolnshire and the moment.

” Another travel hazard to factor in, if you’re taking to the roads and all of that cloud around today, it is going to make things feel much cooler.

Ms Powell added: “In this pocket of the UK, particularly along the length of the North Sea coast.

“Perhaps eleven as a high there for Hull and Norwich.

“Elsewhere still warm, thanks to the sunshine, temperatures widely sixteen or seventeen degrees.

“Perhaps a bit brighter towards the South-East into the afternoon early evening.

UK Weather: Met Office forecast temperatures to drop

Ms Powell said: “And actually the clearing skies will mean temperatures will fall away again into the small hours of Monday.

“We could see some dense fog actually close to the London area first thing Monday.

“Still quite chilly North and West and underneath his little area of cloud, the fog again could thicken first thing on Monday.

“Monday pretty quiet day once again but things are starting to shift a little.

Ms Powell added: “The area of high pressure is going to weaken, that means we are going to get some showers developing across North of England.

“Still some warmth in the sunshine, particularly across Southern England.

“But glance up there towards Lerwick, behind a cold weather front, temperatures already coming down quite markedly.

“This line is the boundary between the warm Atlantic air and the cold Arctic air, picking up there is your week ahead.”

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