BBC Weather: Brits to bask in dry and sunny weekend weather as high pressure takes over

UK weather: Dry weather and sunny spells expected over weekend

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast, weather presenter Owain Wyn Jones told viewers the Bank Holiday weekend will remain dry and sunny and this will continue into next week. He explained the steady weather is due to an area of high pressure currently lingering over the UK which is keeping the rain away. But he warned patches of cloud will roll in from the north of Scotland bringing cooler weather in its wake but it will still remain dry.

Mr Wyn Jones said: “An area of high pressure is going to keep us company not only today but tomorrow, into the Bank Holiday weekend and will actually extend into this coming week as well:

“Majority of us seeing the dry weather and the sunny spells as well – it’s not however a completely clear cut story.”

He explained how an area of high pressure covering the UK will deliver dry weather through Saturday and Sunday but there will be some breezy weather in southeastern areas.

He added: “Breezy across southeastern parts of England, a couple of showers as well potentially

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“But it’s a dry story for most of us.”

The forecaster warned there will be patches of mist and fog early on Saturday which will linger in Northern Ireland and western areas of Scotland throughout Saturday.

Saturday will see highs of 23C in Glasgow, 21C in London, 21C in Belfast 20C in Newcastle, 20C in Plymouth, and 18C in Aberdeen.

He added: “As we head through this evening we see the return of that low cloud mist and fog not only across Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland but this will move down into parts of northern England as well

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“Further south we will tend to see clear skies, the odd patch of mist and fog with light winds and not as cold as last night.

Sunday will see the continued presence of high pressure hanging over the UK which will keep off weather fronts and ensure more dry weather into Sunday. 

But he warned more cloud will creep in from the north of Scotland and cover much of northern England.

Sunday will see highs of 22C in Cardiff, 20C in London, 19C in Birmingham, 18C in Belfast, and 16C in Newcastle. 

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Mr Wyn Jones stressed it will feel cooler in northern areas where the cloud lingers.

Bank holiday Monday will see more cloud drawn in due to the “swirling” areas of high pressure according to the forecaster.

He concluded for the week ahead: “For most of its over the next couple of days it will be dry, we will see some sunshine and brightness as well.”

Monday will see highs of 19C in London, 17C in Manchester, 16C in Belfast, and 15C in Edinburgh.

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