BBC Weather: Britons brace for really frosty weekend as mercury drops to -7C overnight

UK Weather: Met Office predicts cold and frosty conditions

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BBC Weather forecaster is Tomasz Schafernaker predicted more cold weather in parts of the UK, with Birmingham expected to see temperatures hit as low as -4C to -7C. Mr Shafernaker also explained that the South West of England can expect to see outbreaks of sleet and snow. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for ice across the North East of the country.

Mr Schafernaker said: “Now we’ve got cold air over us, but we’ve also got an area of high pressure.

“Hig pressure means predominately dry weather, but sometimes you get showers developing in areas of high pressure too.

“And right now we’ve got even some longer spells of rain there, here out towards the West of the country.

“Where you see the white here, those are the wintry showers that we would have had in the last few hours.

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Mr Shafernaker added: “And I think through this morning and this afternoon the wintriness will be mostly confined to the hills.

“So if you do get big dark clouds further South and West I think it’s more likely that they’ll bring rain, rather than the sleet and the snow.

“And the temperatures today, eight to ten degrees, the wind is not quite as strong so it’s not going to feel quite as cold as yesterday.

“But the winds die down tonight, it’s going to be really frosty now these are the city centre temperatures.

Mr Shafernaker said: “So -4C there in Birmingham, it be as low as -7C in some rural spots.

Met Office forecasts cold and icy conditions across UK

“So I think scenes like this, early on Sunday morning widely across the UK, so a really chilly start to an April day.

“Lots of sunshine around to start the day, clouds will increase, certainly through the North and the West through the afternoon.

“We’re expecting rain in Western Scotland, eventually reaching Northern Ireland, but mostly England and Wales.


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Mr Shafernaker added: “Again a fine day tomorrow, and Milder because the winds switch in direction.

“You can actually tell where the weather coming from, just by the motion of these weather fronts.

“And it’s all coming in off the Atlantic, it’s by no means particular mild air, but it certainly not the cold air that we’ve had in the last couple of days.

“And you can see those temperatures, 12C to14C, but I think Monday, a lot of cloud around at times outbreaks of rain.”

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