BBC Weather: Bitterly cold Atlantic blast unleashes havoc amid almost 10C temperature drop

BBC Weather forecasts plummeting temperatures in Europe

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A cold Atlantic blast will sweep across Europe this weekend and into next week, according to the latest BBC weather front. This comes as the impact of Hurricane Sam, a category four hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, can be felt throughout Western Europe. BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes warned that wet and windy weather will dominate Western Europe “for a time”.

Temperatures in places like Madrid will see temperatures drop by nearly 10C.

The Spanish capital, which only just saw 26C yesterday, will drop to at least18C by Sunday morning.

Mr Fawkes told viewers: “We have some wet and windy weather on its way to Western Europe for a time.

“The culprit is this developing cold front in the Atlantic Ocean.”

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He continued: “That is going to be swinging its way eastwards, bringing with it some heavy rain and strong winds, particularly on Saturday night.

“On Sunday, this band of rain continues to affect France.

“The wettest areas could see 100mm before it starts to ease away, so there is a risk of some localised flooding here.

“In the far south-east of Europe, we still have some warm some shine, 33C in Antalya. A little bit fresher than that in Athens, where it is 24C.

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“There are a few scattered showers in Italy, and the band of rain is also making its way across Spain.

“Temperatures dropping in Madrid to 18C. It is also turning cooler in Paris as the rain clears through.

“Rain will be heavy and persistent for the south of Norway and parts of Sweden.”


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The BBC weather presenter said that the cold weather front will continue to wreak havoc on Monday.

He said: “We will probably start to see some heavier rain develop at this stage across northern areas of Italy with the risk of flooding.

“Thunderstorms will follow in the middle part of the week.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, high winds will see gales reach an astonishing 60mph on the Kent coast and East Anglia’s coastline will be battered 47mph winds.

These weekend winds could even damage bridges and impact ferry services due to their strength.

The Met Office is tracking Hurricane Sam and confirmed its unpredictable movements are set to impact UK weather next week.

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