Banksy t-shirts selling for £9k on eBay just an hour after being bought for £20

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T-shirts designed by anonymous artist Banksy have gone on sale to raise funds for the so-called "Colston 4", protestors who were arrested after a statue of slave trader Edward Colston was toppled in Bristol.

The trial of the Colston 4 will begin next week, and the new "souvenir shirts" have gone on sale in shops across the city, with profits being donated to the defendants "so they can go for a pint".

So far the shirts have had a big reception, with people queuing outside shops to get hold of one of the 2,000 that have been made, and others putting the shirts on sale on eBay for as much as £9,000, BristolLive reports.

On his Instagram, the anonymous artist posted: "Next week the four people charged with pulling down Colston’s statue in Bristol are going on trial. I’ve made some souvenir shirts to mark the occasion.

"Available from various outlets in the city from tomorrow (all proceeds to the defendants so they can go for a pint).

"One per person, £25 each plus VAT.

"Details on the Ujima Radio breakfast show from 9am."

All four protestors have pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal damage after the statue of slave trader Edward Coulson was pulled down and thrown into the harbour by Black Lives Matter protestors.

The protest became an iconic moment in the BLM movement, sparking renewed debate about the UK's relationship with its imperial history and involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

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Queues to buy the t-shirts have reportedly been going round the block as Bristolians turn out to show support for the defendants or to get hold of one of the limited edition shirts.

Robin Collins was among those queuing, and showed his support for Banksy, saying: "I think it is good he is doing this. It is a political statement doing this.

"A lot of artists seem to be scared of putting their political ideas out, but he does not seem to have a problem with it."

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