Bad boy expelled from school aged 4 allowed back to classroom after year off

A five-year-old boy is set to finally return to school a year after he was kicked out.

Zac Wall, who was four when he last went to school, was kicked out of his previous school seven months ago because of "bad behaviour".

Mum Laura Jordan, 36, claimed that her son had “undiagnosed special education needs”, so refused to send him back to another mainstream school in that time.

She has slammed Worcestershire County Council for failing, she claims, to find him an adequate school to go do.

After what will be a year off, Zac will be attending an autism unit at Chaddesley Corbett School in Kidderminster from September.

Having accused the council of “breaking the law”, Laura told the Mirror: “The council have now offered Zac a school place and we will start the slow process of reintegration after the next half term, with an aim to start full time in September.

“September is a long time away. He’s fallen behind. He can’t read or write at the moment.

“He should know how to write his name and he should be starting to read. His name is only three letters and he can’t write that. It’s sad.

“It’s affecting his development massively. Socially he’s not where he should be at. He’s going to find it harder to socialise with children now.

“The law states that the term after their fifth birthday they should be in education.

“Jack turned five in February so on April 26 he should’ve been back in school as that’s when the kids went back after Easter.

“It’s so frustrating. They have had since October to sort this out. Worcestershire County Council has broken the law now.

“If as a parent I didn’t send my son to school when they turned five I would be taken to court – or they would want to know why he wasn’t in school.”

He was originally expelled from Holly Hill Church School just five weeks after joining the reception class due to several incidents, including attacks on other pupils and staff.

The Daily Star has contacted Worcestershire County Council for comment.

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