Astrid Wetts worst news ever as she cant afford Netflix after crackdown

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett has received what she described as the “worst news ever” – she can’t watch Netflix for free anymore.

The Chelsea mad 22-year-old had been password sharing, meaning she was getting all the benefits while someone else footed the bill.

But under the streaming sites' new rules, which crackdown on sharing accounts, she’s been booted out.

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Devastated Astrid posted a video to the social media site TikTok to vent her frustration and to ask “How do I get this for free?”.

Speaking in the 17-second clip, she said: “This is the worst news ever right?

“I literally cannot believe this is happening right now.

“Not only am I bandaged up but I’ve just gone to watch something on Netflix right and look what has just come up.”

She then moved to show her TV which displays a message from Netflix stating: “This TV isn’t part of the Netflix household for this account. Create an account to enjoy your own Netflix today”.

Astrid added: “They have finally caught on and I am going to have to start paying for my own Netflix.

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“Don’t they know that we’re in a cost of living crisis, alright my page isn’t doing that well at the moment, I can’t afford £15.99 a month”.

Hundreds of fans responded to the clip, with dozens pointing out that the new subscription prices start as low as £4.99.

But one eager fan volunteered to pay for it for her. "I’ll pay for your Netflix” they commented.

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A second fan said: “I’m so sorry to hear that Astrid. Keep your head up”.

Another joked: “Astrid mate give it a rest”.

“You drive a tesla…” added a fourth.

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