Asda security guard pulls woman with pram filled with bottles back into store

An Asda security guard was filmed pulling a "pram filled with bottles" away from a woman right before she walked out of the supermarket.

Video shared on Facebook showed the incident at the Darlaston, Walsall, on Wednesday (April 6).

The staff member gets into a tug of war with a female shopper as he desperately brings the pram back into the shop.

When the baby carriage passes the vertical bars by the door, it immediately sets off the alarm.

A man is seen giving the woman a helping hand while another onlooker joins forces, saying: "If there's a baby in there, then stop!"

Soon the pushchair falls to a side, dropping a blue towel and few bottles of drinks.

The woman shouts at the security guard: "Give me my pram, I want my pram!"

"I'm getting all the stock back that you've got in there," the guard says and the onlooker adds: "He's just doing his job!"

Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed the man managed to get a bottle of Orangeade during the scuffle.

"What some people will do for a bottle of cider," one commented on Facebook.

Another said: "Like this everyday here. Security don't stick the job long in Darlaston Asda, [I've] seen so many different security."

"Is that a 2L disguised as a baby and swaddled in a blanket?" a third asked.

According to Birmingham Live, West Midlands Police were not called to the incident.

Daily Star has contacted Asda for comment.

Meanwhile, an ASDA customer was fuming when he was asked to leave the shop because he was told they "didn't like the way he shopped".

Carer Matthew said he was placing food and drink items, such as cheese and energy drinks, into his basket before he was approached by a staff asking him to leave the shop.

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