‘Arachnophobic’ woman finds dead spider in McDonald’s and is sick for three days

An arachnophobic woman said she felt sick for three days after finding a dead spider in the middle of her McDonald's burger.

Arachnophobic Zoe Russell, 29, was horrified to uncover her worst nightmare when she took the top bun off her jerk chicken burger to adjust the lettuce on December 10.

The dead arachnid was laying there nestled among the vegetables.

After furiously complaining to McDonald's over email, Zoe claims she was made to wait nine days for a response offering her just a £15 restaurant voucher for compensation.

Despite rejecting the voucher, she was left in disbelief after receiving it on Tuesday night.

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Zoe from Bow, East London, told the Daily Star: "I ordered a burger from McDonald's last month and I don't know why but I opened it to move the salad about, and I could see there was something in there.

"And I was like, 'What's that?' Looking backwards and forwards and then I said to my mum who was walking past me, is that a spider in that?

"She looked at it closer and she was like, 'Yeah it's a f****** spider'."

Ordering the fast food meal from the restaurant on Payne Road, Bow, via Uber Eats, Zoe was hoping for a tasty burger at home after a day's work

Zoe's fear of spiders is so bad that seeing the curled up mini-beast in her food, was enough to make her go hungry for three days and has changed her eating habits for good.

Luckily Zoe's thorough lettuce placement meant she saw the spider before biting into it which would have made her feel even more ill.

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The salon manager said: "Considering I've got arachnophobia I hate spiders, I can't look at them, I can't look at pictures of them, I can't look at real ones, fake ones.

"I just can't have anything to do with them near me, I don't like them, I absolutely hate them.

"After getting that burger, I literally didn't eat for like three days afterwards because it made me feel sick and even now if I get something like salads now I have to check through them to see if there's anything in them.

"It's disgusting, even thinking about it now makes me feel sick, even the pictures I've got of it make me feel sick when I look at them now. It's disgusting.

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"It's not massive, it is small, it's curled up but if you don't like spiders it doesn't matter what the size of it is, it's disgusting."

Given how much the incident affected Zoe she explained the last thing she wanted as compensation was a £15 voucher for more McDonald's food.

Zoe continued: "I got in touch with McDonald's, it took them nine days to get back to me, I tried contacting the restaurant but they didn't answer the phone so I emailed them.

"A couple of weeks on, the company got back to me and said we'll compensate you £15 with vouchers.

"I said to be honest that's not good enough, vouchers are no good because I'm never going to eat from there again, they didn't get back to me until last night when I received a £15 voucher."

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience and for the delay in responding to them. We place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections – we are disappointed to learn these were not met on this occasion.

"As soon as the matter was brought to our attention, we apologised and asked for the item to be sent back to us for further investigation, however it had been discarded so we’ve been unable to do so.

"We understand the customer has been in contact with our Customer Services Team who have sent vouchers as a gesture of good will. Once again, we’d like to apologise to the customer for their overall experience which fell well below our expectations.”

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