Angry man demands end to grizzly bear cutesy nicknames as they eat you alive

An angry man has written a letter calling on locals in his area to stop giving grizzly bears names.

The man, named in the Cowboy State Daily newspaper as Scott Hocking, warned that named them won't stop them “disembowelling” humans.

Mr Hocking, who claims to work for a fly fishing company taking locals around the Jackson Hole area in Jackson, Wyoming, initially wrote the letter to be aimed at his local newspaper.

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But it soon turns into a rant about the names given to bears by everyone.

He wrote: “Dear Editor.

“Please refrain from allowing the 'cutesy' names that the lazy photographers have assigned to apex predators like Grizzly bears.

“I find it abhorrent that an animal that will disembowel you and eat you alive be given any moniker other that its true name 'Ursus Horribilis'.

“I also hold those photographers responsible for the casual way that those bears are now treated, as roadside spectacles, and for not allowing Park officials and wildlife managers from doing there jobs and relocating those bears as they become habituated to humans.

“Sincerely, Scott Hocking, Teton Troutfitters.”

Last month, a hiker in Wyoming was put in hospital after a bear mauled him.

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The man was experienced out-of-state recreationalist, who was hiking way up high on Francs Peak, a 13,000-foot summit near Yellowstone National Park.

The bear took him by surprise, and he was unable to defend himself or take out the bear spray he was carrying.

Officials at the time said that they would not pursue the bear – as it would normally do in the area – due to the location of the attack.

No update was provided on the man's condition, or details given about any injuries suffered.

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