Andrew Tate accused by ex-girlfriend of strangling her during her s…

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A former girlfriend of social media misogynist Andrew Tate has accused him of strangling her during sex. The British woman said she started a relationship with the kickboxer after visiting him at his home in Bucharest.

On one occasion, she claimed he held her against a wall and slapped her “really hard”, yelling “you whore”.

On another, she alleged she passed out when he throttled her during sex.

The woman was talking yesterday to Radio 4 about Tate – in custody in Romania since December 29.

Tate, 36, and brother Tristan, 34, were held there on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group to exploit women.

They have not been charged and both deny the claims.

Their alleged victims say they forced or manipulated them into working in their adult chat rooms. The woman interviewed by the BBC said Tate told her she would “make a fortune” if she worked for his webcam business.

She said she finally agreed when he told her: “If you love me, you would do it” – and she feared she might lose him as a boyfriend if she refused.

Her wages were £800 for six hours’ work, of which Tate would take half.

She said that her work made him more controlling, and he would fine her if she went out without his permission.

The woman said: “Most of the violence was sexual, that’s obviously something that he’s into. He likes to feel completely in control of the woman and feel like he could take their life away at any second.”

She added: “He totally lacks any kind of empathy. He is a narcissist, he’s like that 100 per cent.”

But the woman admitted she didn’t “feel like a victim”, adding: “All of the choices I made were of my free will. ”

Last week a judge ordered the Tates to stay in custody until February 27.

US-born Tate grew up in Luton and boasts of being a multi-millionaire. His lawyers refused to comment.

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