American’s ‘horrifying’ UK map moves Birmingham to Wales and erases Ireland

An American has ignited fury, frustration and no shortage of laughs with his wife's attempt at labelling a map of the UK.

Reddit user @adms13 posted a diagram of the British Isles to the popular sub-Reddit forum CasualUK on Tuesday evening.

"I asked my wife to fill in a map of the UK (we're both American)," he explained in the caption.

"Her extent of UK knowledge comes from watching Top Gear with me at night. Enjoy."

The geographically-challenged Seattle resident had attempted to label a number of locations around the UK and Ireland, including the names of cities, regions and entire countries.

She'd gotten a few right, managing to accurately identify London, Surrey, Cornwall, Manchester and the Isle of Man — but it all went downhill from there.

In her reimagining, Cheshire was shunted from northwest England all the way down to the south-east coast.

Canterbury was mysteriously renamed "the ferry" while the Midlands were moved some way up the country towards the border with Scotland.

"I know Blackpool exists but I have no idea where," she wrote on top of Edinburgh (which she spelled "Edinborough" when attempting to identify the city, also in the wrong place).

She also confidently asserted that Liverpool is where Dumfries is and that Dublin is located in Northern Ireland — which, she clarified, was "definitely Ireland".

"I don't think people live here," she wrote over the Scottish Highlands.

Possibly her most egregious error was labelling the entire nation of Ireland with "Wales?".

The real Wales was left off the map entirely, with the beleaguered labeller scrawling in its place: "No idea what's over here… maybe Birmingham?"

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Reaction to the map was swift and passionate, with the post earning more than 17,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

"Is it possible to upset everyone at once?" one user responded, while another said: "Well this is horrifying."

"I don't get how someone knows seven cities in the UK and their location (roundabouts) but not Wales and Ireland," another commented.

Some joked the woman's mislabeling of Ireland and Northern Ireland might "undo decades of the peace process", prompting her husband to jump into the comments to insist she had "no knowledge of the political situation there".

A Belfast-based user said the map made them "apoplectic with rage".

"I could just about forgive the 'Ireland for sure' part," another remarked.

"But I nearly had a heart attack when I saw 'Wales?'"

However some commenters applauded her efforts, saying it was "almost great for an American attempt" given the stereotype that Yanks are oblivious to the world outside the USA.

Other Brits agreed, admitting they'd also struggle to label all 50 states if the tables were turned.

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