Alligator Big Fred grips rival in jaws and whacks it to death with body slam

An alligator was spotted by a group of kayakers killing its rival in a brutal attack and whacking it to death as viewers joked: "It likes its meat tender."

Kayla Jane was leading a tour on a clear kayak in Silver Springs Shores of Florida in the US when she came across a huge apex predator flipping a smaller beast to the air and smacking it around like a rag doll.

The tour guide called the scaly gator "Big Fred" as she watched from distance how it hunted a smaller gator.

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In the video she posted on her Facebook page, "Fred" the monster reptile sinks its teeth onto its rival's head before it emerges from the water.

It drags the half-dead gator out of the water and whacks it hard by the river bank.

"Big head Fred is at it again eating another alligator," Kayla wrote in the caption.

In another video, Kayla finds a headless alligator floating on the river, which she claimed it as Fred's "latest victim".

Her video has left viewers stunned at the alligator's brutal hunting skill.

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One wrote: "Fred is tenderising his meal for sure!"

"That's brutal. Poor little guy, at least he got whacked pretty good before getting chomped up," a second commented and a third shared: "Alligators prefer prey they can swallow whole, so if it's to big he will rip it up first.

"Looks like he is trying to rip his head off so he can swallow it."

A fourth added: "Imagine the other alligators in the watching this. They know not to mess in Fred’s swamp."

Kayla also shared other interesting sightings she found while taking tours around the dangerous waters.

Her tour groups have encountered turtles, otters and huge mammals known as manatees.


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