Alleged gang boss had to get new Turkey teeth after rival encounter in Dubai

An alleged gang boss was left needing a new set of teeth after an encounter with a fellow alleged criminal leader in Dubai.

Michael "Cazza" Carroll, 42, is said to have travelled to Turkey to receive teeth repairs after one of at least two encounters with Stephen Britton at the tourist hotspot.

The duo were named as leaders of two rival gangs in Salford, Manchester, with Britton allegedly leading the A Team and Cazza the aptly titled Anti A Team, MEN reported.

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Gangland sources claim Britton was involved in a 'straightener' with Carroll in Dubai.

A prosecutor has since identified Carroll and Britton as the heads of rivalling gangs in the Manchester area, with the former needing extreme dental makeovers after an altercation with the latter gang man.

Paul Greaney QC, in explaining the feud during the murder trial of "Mr Big" Paul Massey, which was filled with gangland crime, shootings and extreme violence, said: "The first gang was headed by a man named Michael Carroll."

This gang has since been associated with Mark "The Iceman" Fellows, a man convicted at Liverpool Crown Court for the shooting of Massey, who served as Britton's mentor.

Greaney continued: "The defendant Mark Fellows was associated with that gang and Steven Boyle, in turn, was an established friend and associate of Mark Fellows.

"The second gang, which called itself 'the A Team', was headed by a man named Stephen Britton. Paul Massey was associated with that gang and was apparently regarded by Stephen Britton as a mentor."

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Subsequent details over the encounters between Carroll and Britton were heard, with one source saying they simply "don't like each other".

A separate source close to Britton has since alleged Carroll was "knocked out" by the A Team leader, which ruined his "Turkey teeth," and had Cazza flying back to Turkey for another set of pearly whites.

Greater Manchester Police detectives probing the gangs are understood to be aware of the Dubai incidents.

It was at this time Carroll was labelled a "grass rat snitch police informer" and was urged to "come fight your war".

Although Britton was named as the A Team leader in three separate trials, including one for a fatal hit and run incident which he served five years for, he has not been charged by any current offences under consideration by any juries.

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