Adorable puppy’s disgusted reaction to tasting broccoli has viewers howling

An adorable dog who clearly absolutely hates broccoli has sent viewers into hysterics with a video of him trying to bat it away.

The hilarious clip shows golden retriever Tucker being confronted with the green veg.

He bites it but then immediately lurches back in disgust at what he has just tasted.

Despite clearly not being a fan, the pooch continues to lick the broccoli – each time pulling his head back.

He then tries to fling it out of his bed to little success.

The video has been uprooted nearly 5,000 times since being shared to Reddit by u/Southern-Rest67.

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“He’s so annoyed and intrigued that it still exists after he shunned it” one wrote.

Another commented: “He's just playing with it like a toy haha.”

A third wrote: “My son is 11 years old and does the same thing with broccoli on his plate.”

And someone else laughed: “That is me as an adult reacting to broccoli.”

It comes after another pooch learnt how to smile completely on his own. But, as his owner’s video showed, the end result was hilarious.

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