Adorable cat with amazing Irish accent melts viewers’ hearts in incredible video

A black cat has become an internet star after a video emerged of him "speaking" in an Irish accent.

Michael Allen shared a clip on Friday showing his brother, Ian, talking to his pet feline, Leo, at his Londonberry home in Northern Ireland.

Ian is heard asking: "You good boy, aye?"

Leo, who sitting on a carpet, looks up to Ian and replies with a soft meow.

Ian continues: "Aye? You're a good boy aye?"

The cute moggie appears to have understood his owner's questions and responds with a heavy Irish accent "aye".

The clip, which has been viewed more than 202,000 times, was captioned: "I swear my brother's cat has a Northern Ireland accent. Aye."

Leo's incredible performance has melted hearts on social media and pet lovers commented on what their cats could "speak".

One wrote: "My cat, Merlin, could not miaow like a normal cat. He would say, "ANNnn". I took it as a personal greeting. My name is Anne."

Another said: "My cat goes AAAAAAAAAAAAAA so I assume she's the voice of our collective consciousness this year."

"This is in my dreams now forever," a third added.

Meanwhile, a rescue kitten has won his owner's heart as he snuggled around his neck in an adorable video.

The three-week-old feline has found his new sleeping spot and would hide inside his owner's hoodie for a nap.

A man in Texas, US, has adopted a kitten after finding it meowing desperately in the shelter.

The man decided to take the feline home and named it "Paw-varotti" for his loud meows.

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