250-pound trapped bear freed

Florida Fish and Wildlife conducted a rescue mission for a bear whose head was trapped in a plastic container for 28 days.

FWC worked with bear biologists and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to find the bear, according to its Facebook page.

Someone initially reported the bear was stuck inside the container, but officials said after two sightings, nobody saw the bear again for more than three weeks.

Finally, a resident’s security camera captured the bear earlier this week.

FWC staff and law officials set new traps and began nightly patrols for the neighborhood until they eventually spotted the 250-pound female bear.

FWC officials believe the plastic container was part of an automatic feeder the bear got stuck in.

The bear wore the container for nearly a month before FWC employees could remove it, according to its Facebook page.

After monitoring the bear’s progress for a couple of days, they released it back into the wild after it showed it could eat and drink normally.

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