£13million Schitts Creek mega-mansion boasts two pools and golf simulator

Schitt's Creek fans with deep pockets can now call the Rose family's stunning former home their own.

The mega-mansion that sees the Roses being booted out of in the first episode of the hit sitcom does not come cheap.

But for the the eye-watering price tag of nearly £13 million ($21,888,000 CAD), there is a lot of space and even more luxury for the new multimillionaire owner to indulge in.

Fans of the Netflix series have already had a glimpse inside the home which has a staggering 12-bedrooms and 16 bathrooms across its 24,000 square feet, in swanky St Andrew-Windfields, near, Toronto, Canada.

Hopefully whoever does snap up the French chateau-style pad, will not end up falling on quite so hard times as the Rose family.

The series follows the family of four adapting life in the rural town of Schitt's Creek following their eviction.

Stunning photos taken inside what has been dubbed 'La Belle Maison', French for 'the beautiful house', reveal a marble staircase, balustrade balconies and frescoes inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

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There is nothing about the plush interior design that screams minimalism.

The giant property separated from city skyscrapers by woodland, boasts a dining room worthy of a wedding reception and an extravagant kitchen which has doors that swing open onto an al fresco patio.

An embarrassment of beautiful chandeliers are hanging from ceilings throughout the home, overlooking luxurious materials such as marble, dark wood and stone.

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The mega-mansion may look like an aristocratic French residence from a bygone era but built in 2012, the technology inside is anything but dated.

As expected from any home this expensive, a home cinema is fitted and ready for a Schitt's Creek marathon.

Further fun extras bound to get a playful millionaire reaching for their purse is a billiards room, a game room and an indoor swimming pool for Canada's harsh winters, as well as one outside for the sweltering summer months.

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Other facilities include a sauna, a gym and of course anyone viewing the property would be disappointed not to stumble upon a wine cellar, Tatler reports.

If anything is to swing a purchase though it will surely be the golf simulator.

According to Forbes, the home's 14 car parking space will look eerily empty without a fleet of supercars or a constant stream of guests.

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Even with all the space taken up by vehicles, there is still room for a grand outdoor terrace surrounded by greenery at the back and a manicured lawn at the front.

Despite being just 13 miles from the city of Toronto, tall trees do well to make it look and most likely feel a great deal further.

Schitt's Creek won multiple awards during its six season run, which ended in 2020, including all seven major comedy categories at the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards.

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