Boulder snowshoer who was missing overnight rescued near Nederland

A 47-year-old Boulder woman who was reported missing after being overdue returning from a Sunday snowshoeing trip was rescued Monday evening near Nederland. The woman was seriously injured, a Boulder County Sheriff’s Office release stated, but she is expected to

Prince Andrew accuser was a ‘fantasist’ who spun ’tissue of lies’, Ghislaine Maxwell told lawyers

Ghislaine Maxwell told lawyers that Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre had spun a “tissue of lies” and was an “awful fantasist”, according to newly-released documents. The comments by the ex-girlfriend of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein appear in a 2016 interview

The ‘king of oud’ who was felled by coronavirus

Ahmed Ismail Hussein Hudeidi, a founding father of modern Somali music, died in London after contracting coronavirus at the age of 91. The BBC’s Mary Harper was a friend of his. Whenever Hudeidi played his oud, it was impossible to