Global chip shortage hits Apple, Samsung and Ford as crisis worsens

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – The global chip shortage is going from bad to worse with automakers on three continents joining tech giants Apple and Samsung Electronics in flagging production cuts and lost revenue from the crisis. In quick succession, Honda

IMF official warns China tech decoupling from US would slash global GDP

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – A technological decoupling between the US and China and potentially Europe would cut global gross domestic product by an order of magnitude greater than the recent trade war, a senior International Monetary Fund official warned. “The

Tech stars quit Silicon Valley as politics, pandemic weigh

SAN FRANCISCO (AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE) – Silicon Valley is seeing departures of some of its high-profile stars as a pandemic-linked shift to remote work and political polarisation have dulled the allure of the key tech industry hub. Nightmarish traffic and high