How to Keep Your Cool in the GameStop Market

Even during a calm stretch on Wall Street, the stock market contains pockets of madness. But these days have been anything but calm. One word captures it: GameStop. It’s no longer just the name of a chain of video game

How to Invest in a Pandemic, Political Crisis and Possible Bubble

On the face of it, stocks have behaved impossibly well since they began rebounding last March in response to the Federal Reserve’s emergency intervention in the markets. Since then, the S&P 500 has returned more than 70 percent, including dividends.

The Week in Business: The Price of Chaos

No one should have been surprised by the violence in Washington this past week, but it was stunning nonetheless. Here’s how the business and tech industries are reacting, and what comes next. — Charlotte Cowles What’s Up? (Jan. 3-9) A

A New Way to Invest for the Vengeful and the High-Minded

Imagine a 401(k) where there’s no investment menu of stock funds. Instead, you get to make one that aligns with your values. You could begin by knocking out oil drillers or gun manufacturers, or subtracting companies one by one depending

How to Hold Onto Your Money, Wherever the Market Takes You

Optimism in investing these days often resembles the pessimism of only a few years ago. Until the coronavirus struck in the United States earlier this year, upbeat forecasters invariably expected that the economy would expand: The only question was how