3 Delicious Reasons to Quick Pickle an Onion

This homemade condiment adds a pop of acidity to comforting vegetarian dishes. By Tejal Rao One of my favorite tiny tasks in the kitchen is to quick pickle some onion or a few shallots. I can scatter it on dishes

What to Cook This Weekend

Make use of the fresh beans at the market with Gabrielle Hamilton’s braised black-eyed peas with baby turnips. By Sam Sifton Good morning. Black-eyed peas play a big role in celebrations of the calendar New Year, where they’re used for

What to Cook This Week

Get inspired by our newest recipes, including tortilla pizzas and blackened fish with quick grits. By Sam Sifton Good morning. I like the looks of Melissa Clark’s new recipe for roasted lemony fish with crispy caper brown butter and nori

What to Cook This Week

Start with a big Italian-inspired spread, then go casual later on with BLT tacos. By Melissa Clark Hello there. It’s Sunday, which in Italy means taking the time to make the pasta-filled, multicourse, multigenerational family lunch known as il pranzo

3 Recipes That Changed My Life

Welcome to our new newsletter dedicated to the delights of vegetarian cooking. By Tejal Rao A few weeks ago, a friend sent me the cutest photo of her sweet, pudgy-cheeked baby eating a bit of kale-sauce pasta. The baby was

Your Next Lesson: White Wine Blends

By Eric Asimov Red blends are popular right now, and I’m not speaking of classical blends like Bordeaux, Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Chianti. When people refer to red blends today, they are generally using a marketing term for popular category of mass-market

14 No-Cook Recipes for Hot Days or Lazy Nights

Forgoing the stove or the oven doesn’t mean missing out on flavor. By Nikita Richardson Without a doubt, humanity advanced leaps and bounds once it became clear that cooking over fire equaled better food. But sometimes, it’s just too hot

Your New Meatball Sub

By Sam Sifton Good morning. There are some nights when all I want to eat for dinner is super-crisp chicken wings with ranch dressing, or hot dogs loaded with chopped pickles and streaked with crema and hot sauce. They’re usually

Be It a $10 Wine, or Much More, the Judgments Come Free

Of all the undying clichés about wine, perhaps the one I hear most often is, “There’s no correlation between price and quality.” As with so many platitudes, a germ of truth supports it. For example, it’s certainly correct to say

A Family Opens Up About Its Investing Mistakes

Families routinely struggle to make simple decisions. But when their members come from three generations and the issue involves how to invest nearly half a billion dollars, the discussions can quickly get complicated, to say the least. In this case,