Iran ready to ship more fuel to Venezuela despite US 'threats'

Iran sent flotilla of five fuel tankers to Venezuela, which is suffering severe shortages, defying US pressure. Iran has said it will continue fuel shipments to Venezuela if Caracas requests more supplies, despite criticism from the United States of trade

Bangladeshis killed in Libya were abducted, tortured: Minister

Thirty migrants, 24 of them Bangladeshis, were killed on Wednesday while crossing the Libyan desert in search of work. The 30 migrants killed by traffickers in Libya on Wednesday were abducted while crossing the country and then tortured to extract

Iraq's al-Kadhimi pledges to release anti-government protesters

Prime minister also promises justice and compensation to relatives of people killed in last year’s mass protests. Iraq’s new government has promised to release demonstrators arrested during mass protests that erupted in October last year and pledged justice and compensation

Syria: Al-Assad accused of disrupting medical supplies

The UN has condemned Tuesday’s attack in northern Syria, and reiterated the call for a nationwide ceasefire to combat the coronavirus. At least 46 people, including 11 children, were killed when a bomb in a fuel truck exploded in the

Israel decries Egyptian TV show predicting its destruction

Israel says series ‘completely unacceptable’, but there was no immediate comment from Egyptian government. Israel’s foreign ministry has condemned a new Egyptian TV drama set in the year 2120 that predicts Israel’s destruction as well as the break-up of its

Saudi-led coalition rejects south Yemen self-rule declaration

Military coalition calls for an end to escalation in Yemen and immediate return to peace deal signed in November. A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition has rejected a separatist group’s declaration of self-rule in Yemen’s south, demanding “an end to escalatory