Hiroshima marks 76th anniversary of U.S. atomic bombing

TOKYO — Hiroshima on Friday marked the 76th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bombing, as the mayor of the Japanese city urged global leaders to unite to eliminate nuclear weapons just as they are united against the coronavirus. Mayor

Japan marks 75 years since end of World War II

Emperor Naruhito expresses ‘deep remorse’ over his country’s wartime actions at a sombre annual ceremony. Warning: This video contains flash photography. Seventy-five years ago, Imperial Japan surrendered in World War II after the unparalleled destruction wrought by two nuclear attacks

Russia marks Victory Day with subdued celebrations

Russia has marked 75 years since victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two despite cancelling its traditional military parade because of the coronavirus outbreak. In a subdued celebration, President Vladimir Putin laid roses at the Eternal Flame war memorial.