New city council in place in Westminster Colorado

WESTMINSTER — A loud and boisterous fight over municipal water rates. An attempted recall of four city council members in the spring. The sudden resignation of a mayor who had been in city leadership for more than 20 years. Flash

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Police investigating vaccination scam

Police are investigating reports of two people going door-to-door in Christchurch offering Covid-19 vaccinations for a $100 fee. The men, wearing suits, and carrying fake Ministry of Health business cards, have been door-knocking in the suburb of Addington over the

Four teenagers killed in southeast Colorado crash

Four teenagers were killed Wednesday night in southeast Colorado when the SUV they were in collided with a semi-truck. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the crash occurred around 9:30 p.m. on Highway 287 near the small town of Wiley

A day of violence in Kabul: How the attacks unfolded

At least 73 people, including 13 US servicemen, have been killed in blasts outside and nearby Kabul’s Hamid Khazai International Airport in a coordinated suicide attack. It comes hours after Western governments warned of an imminent terror attack and urged

Afghans protest Taliban in emerging challenge to their rule

By AHMAD SEIR, TAMEEM AKHGAR, KATHY GANNON and JOSEPH KRAUSS KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban violently dispersed scattered protests for a second day Thursday amid warnings that Afghanistan’s already weakened economy could crumble further without the massive international aid