Covid 19 coronavirus: No cases in community; 17 in MIQ

There have been no new Covid-19 cases in the community announced today – but 17 cases have been detected in MIQ during the past two days. Twelve of the 17 new cases involve travellers from India via the UAE, arriving

Covid 19 coronavirus: Two more positive cases linked to Pullman Hotel being investigated by health officials

Two more people in the community who recently left managed isolation have tested positive for Covid-19 and health officials are now urgently re-testing the pair. The Ministry of Health said in a statement this evening that two other former returnees

Eric Watson liquidators: Have you seen this painting?

The liquidation of fallen tycoon Eric Watson’s business empire is picking up pace, with legal action against the controversial financier personally now flagged and the public asked for assistance in locating a painting. Watson was once New Zealand’s most famous

What does palm oil have to do with Kashmir?

Malaysia’s palm oil industry has become an unexpected casualty of a row with India over disputed Kashmir. Ties have been frosty since late September when Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said India had “invaded and occupied” the Himalayan territory. Delhi

‘We have next to no income. There is no help for us’

Chancellor Rishi Sunak admitted last week that his latest coronavirus economic support package won’t save all jobs. But as employers and employees digest the latest plans it’s clear many of them feel viable firms are being hung out to dry

Why US-China relations have reached a low

The Trump Administration ramped up its confrontation with Beijing this week, ordering the Chinese consulate in Houston to close over concerns about economic espionage. It’s the latest step in a downward spiral in relations between the dueling economic powers which

Migrants in Mexico have few coronavirus protections

In theory all migrants have access to healthcare in Mexico, the reality is they can rarely go to public hospitals. Chiapas, Mexico – For 28-year-old Miguel living in the Mexico-Guatemala border town of Ciudad Hidalgo in the Mexican state of