Why Taxing Stock Buybacks Is the Wrong Fix for Executive Pay

The DealBook newsletter delves into a single topic or theme every weekend, providing reporting and analysis that offer a better understanding of an important issue in the news. This week, the financial journalist Roger Lowenstein weighs in on a plan

Opinion | Let’s Give Boys Some ‘Girl Drama’

A while back, at the bookstore with my three sons, I started flicking through a kids’ magazine that had the kind of hyper-pink sparkly cover that screams: “Boys! Even glancing in this direction will threaten your masculinity!” In between the

COVID-19: Boris Johnson says England still on course for ‘roadmap to freedom’ – but warns of Europe’s third wave

England’s route out of lockdown remains on schedule, with the prime minister declaring there is nothing to dissuade him from “continuing along our roadmap to freedom”. Speaking to the virtual Conservative Party spring conference, Boris Johnson said he was looking

Legal armies ready if cloudy election outcome heads to court

WASHINGTON — Signature matches. Late-arriving absentee votes. Drop boxes. Secrecy envelopes. Democratic and Republican lawyers already have gone to court over these issues in the run-up to Tuesday’s election. But the legal fights could take on new urgency, not to