American buyers are fueling demand that could propel the global economy.

The United States and its record-setting stimulus spending could help haul a weakened Europe and struggling developing countries out of their own economic morass. American buyers are spurring demand for German cars, Australian wine, Mexican auto parts and French fashions.

‘Potential for staggering levels of death’: Russia readies for war in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, veteran diplomat warns

A regional conflict is rapidly reaching an “irreversible point” where major military powers including Russia will be sucked in which is almost certain to lead to even more bloodshed, a veteran diplomat has warned. As many as 5000 people are

Bank of England policymaker defends negative rates

A Bank of England (BoE) policymaker has defended the potential use of negative interest rates, which could take the cost of borrowing below zero. Silvana Tenreyro told the Sunday Telegraph that evidence from other countries was “encouraging”. On Tuesday, the

Return of alcohol ban stirs debate in South Africa

Divided opinion in South Africa after president reimposes coronavirus restrictions to reduce burden on hospitals. The return of a ban on alcohol sales has stirred debate among South Africans as the government steps up efforts to reduce pressure on hospitals amid