Covid 19 Delta: ‘No jab, no job’ – who’s covered by the vaccine mandates, and when are the deadlines?

Millions of New Zealand workers will soon be covered by mandates to be vaccinated against Covid-19, or potentially be forced to leave their jobs. They include in education and the health and disability sectors, both in which workers are required

Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Cabinet set to reveal any change in alert levels, Waikato resident leaves house after testing positive

Two more Covid cases have been confirmed in Waikato today. Ōtorohanga mayor Max Baxter said this morning there are two more people with Covid-19 in the town. The two latest cases were both expected and were linked to people in

Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Scam anti-lockdown hikoi stopped at Mercer boundary after overnight standoff

“Incredibly disappointed” police have blasted the behaviour of anti-lockdown hikoi members who blocked a state highway, risking public safety. A strong police contingent is continuing to monitor a hīkoi involving members of theSovereign Hīkoi of Truth (SHOT) movement at the

Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces details on vaccination mandates for businesses

Workers at businesses where vaccine passports are required will have four weeks to get the jab – or risk losing their jobs. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday announced a sweeping vaccine mandate in businesses in the hospitality sector, and

Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Destiny Churchs Brian Tamaki faces fresh charges over lockdown protest

Supporters of Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki have gathered outside Henderson Police station in West Auckland this afternoon. Tamaki’s wife Hannah broadcast footage of the protesters chanting – several wearing Freedom NZ face masks and clothing – to Facebook live.