Decoding China’s Very Own Sales Cycle

LONDON — Forget about Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Black Friday and Cyber Monday, China doesn’t care. With pent-up demand driving Chinese luxury sales at a record-breaking rate throughout 2020, having a deep understanding of China’s very unique sales cycle — which

Is a Sino-Russia military alliance in the works?

Will they, or won’t they? For many years, the United States and its allies have wondered whether the blossoming friendship between Russia and China will ultimately result in a full alliance between the two. Some analysts dismiss this Sino-Russian alliance’s

With Americans Stuck at Home, Trade With China Roars Back

WASHINGTON — American imports from China are surging as the year draws to a close, fueled by stay-at-home shoppers who are snapping up Chinese-made furniture and appliances, along with Barbie Dream Houses and bicycles for the holidays. The surge in