Colorado advances bill to allow to-go cocktails – The Denver Post

DENVER — People in Colorado may keep celebrating happy hour at home with beverages from their favorite restaurants after the state House passed a measure to extend the sale of to-go cocktails past the duration of coronavirus pandemic. State representatives

Sasha Borissenko: Adoption bill seeks to put children first

OPINION: One of the main reasons why Labour Party MP Paul Eagle entered politics was to change the Adoption Act 1955. While practices have advanced, the legislation continues to undermine and discriminate against all parties, but particularly the child in

Bill Ralston: 2021 is not the year of salvation

OPINION: We ended the dark year of 2020 saying, “Thank God that’s over!” I hate to be a joy germ, but it’s not over yet: 2021 is likely to be a long hard haul back to some kind of normality

MPs to vote on bill which bans low-skilled immigrants from UK

MPs are due to vote on the government’s plan to ban low-skilled immigration as the UK moves towards a new points-based system. The government says the new points-based system will treat EU and non-EU citizens equally and aims to attract