Senate gives Biden a big tool to work around GOP filibuster

WASHINGTON — With a powerful new tool, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has fresh options for potentially advancing President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package and other priorities past Republican obstruction in the 50-50 split Senate. Republicans still pledge to do all

Biden’s Big Plan

A new president needs to make choices. Recent history suggests that an administration has only about a year to push major legislation through Congress before attention turns to the midterm elections (which rarely go well for the party in power).

How big tech companies responded to the storming of the Capitol.

In the hours and days after a mob of President Trump’s loyalists stormed the Capitol, the nation’s biggest tech companies began to shut down accounts that helped incite the rampage. In the days and weeks before the attack, President Trump

Too big, too rich: Syrian president turns on his cousin

In his most recent video, shared on Sunday, Rami Makhlouf stares at the lens, speaking quietly, almost whispering some sentences. His beard is whiter than in the photographs of his pomp, when he radiated wealth and power, counting his billions