Opinion | The First Step Toward Unity Is Honesty

It has come to this: Lawmakers are telling journalists that they were casting their impeachment votes in a climate of threats where they feared for the safety of their families. “After freshman G.O.P. Rep. Nancy Mace announced she would be

Opinion | Trump’s Real Claim to Fame

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare has come true: He’s going to be remembered by history as the Biggest Loser. Think about it. He lost the election. Then he threw his energy into the campaigns of two Senate candidates in Georgia, both

Opinion | Democrats, Stay United

Here we are, just four weeks past Election Day, and renewed skirmishing has already broken out within the Democratic Party. Having mostly rallied behind Joe Biden after the primaries, progressives now want their policies and their people embedded in the

Trump’s Latest Gambit

Trump summons Michigan Republicans to the White House to plan — but time is running out before states certify their results. It’s Friday, and this is your politics tip sheet. Sign up here to get On Politics in your inbox