G.O.P. Election Reviews Create a New Kind of Security Threat

Late one night in May, after surveillance cameras had inexplicably been turned off, three people entered the secure area of a warehouse in Mesa County, Colo., where crucial election equipment was stored. They copied hard drives and election-management software from

Can These Democratic Pollsters Figure Out What Went Wrong?

Everybody agrees the polls missed the mark in 2020, as they had four years earlier. But nobody’s certain why. In search of answers, five competing Democratic polling firms have decided to put their heads (and their data) together, forming a

Opinion | Why Trump Holds a Grip on the G.O.P.

Republicans still embrace the power of the ex-president’s agenda to galvanize voters and drive turnout. By Daniel McCarthy Mr. McCarthy has been a political editor and commentator for 18 years and has written extensively about conservatism, populism and the Trump