Young Britons warned Covid cases among 30-years-olds rising as mutation spreads

Hospitals: Nurse warns of increase in younger COVID patients

Andrew, a 31-year-old medic, said he is alarmed at seeing a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus virus patients his own age who are “in intensive care, ventilated and dying.” In a warning to young Britons who may feel safe from the worst symptoms of Covid, Andrew said he is seeing people who are otherwise not very ill passing away on his ward from the virus. Discussing the situation faced by NHS staff on his ward, Andrew told Times Radio: “We are definitely seeing a lot younger people.

“Probably the most shocking for me, I’m 31 and seeing patients literally around my age in intensive care, ventilated and dying and that is incredibly shocking.”

Times Radio host Aasmah Mir asked the medic if any of the younger patients succumbing to the illness had any underlining health conditions

Andrew replied: “Yes, sort of, I think would be my answer but genuinely I think they would be the kind of person you would walk along the street with and just think that is a normal person going to their work. 

“They are not somebody excessively breathless, walking with a frame this is not somebody who is bed-bound you know.” 

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He continued: “They might be slightly overweight, they might have slightly high blood pressure, maybe early-stage diabetes treated with some medication.

“Some not even that. I mean sometimes the concept of someone who has underlining health conditions is someone who is incredibly sick before they come to intensive care or hospital.”

“That is certainly not the people who we are seeing who are unfortunately passing away.” 

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A further 46,169 coronavirus cases were confirmed across the UK yesterday with 529 more deaths.

Some 32,070 patients with Covid were in hospitals in England at 8am yesterday, an increase of 80 percent since Christmas Day when there were 17,700.

The latest total included 3,055 patients in mechanical ventilation beds, more than double the figure of 1,437 on December 25.

Sick and injured patients have been forced to wait for hours because of delays as ambulances queue outside hospitals to offload patients.

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The figures come as England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty warned the next few weeks would be “the worst of the pandemic in terms of numbers into the NHS”, with pressure on the service in “a completely different league” compared with a normal winter.

Prof Whitty said that the UK’s overall death toll of more than 80,000 was a shocking figure, adding: “I think anybody who is not shocked by the number of people in hospitals who are seriously ill at the moment, and who are dying life and death over the course of this pandemic, has not understood this at all. This is an appalling situation.

“We are now very close to the point, with vaccination, that we’re going to be able to get on top of this, but it’s not yet.”

He also urged people to continue to do all they could to avoid contact with others.

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