What we wanted all along! EU couldve avoided Brexit if Macron plan offered to Cameron

Brexit: Caller says reformed EU proposal is ‘what UK wanted’

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Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to create a political European community is “what we wanted all along”, a Talk TV caller said. Under the proposed community, non-members and members of the European Union would gather around shared EU values and “find a new space for political cooperation, security, cooperation in energy, transport, investment, infrastructure, and the movement of people, especially our youth”, said French President Macron in a speech to mark Europe Day. If the proposal had been put forward back in 2016 when the Brexit referendum was held, the UK would have been in a very different place, caller Ben suggested.

Talk TV caller Ben said: “This sounds like we wanted then and had we had this chance.

“I don’t think we’d have the vote anyway.

“And if we did, perhaps that extra couple of percent – me included – would have decided to stay.

“This is what we wanted all along.”

The caller added: “I’m a Brexiteer, I went so much forth. I was knocking doors to get people to vote Brexit back in the day.

“But before the Brexit anyway, when David Cameron went to Merkel and to the EU all those years before and ask for a bit of flexibility, sovereign laws, a halt to the movement of people, and we were told no.”

Before the 2016 Brexit referendum, then UK Prime Minister David Cameron tried to negotiate several opt-outs on the UK’s further integration in the EU, the EU migrant’s rights in the UK, and economic governance.

Eventually, Mr Cameron did not get much of the concessions he hoped for and held an EU referendum, where 52 percent of participants voted to quit the bloc.

But now the UK is offered the option of joining a hypothetical political European community.

TalkTV’s Ian Collins interjected: “Yeah, something where you can cherry-pick but of course, it depends on what bit you can cherry-pick, doesn’t it?”

“Absolutely”, Ben answered, adding: “If we look at it in a balanced way, we’d probably be the primary members for it.

“Now I’d like to think we’d have fallen along with that.”

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“It seems that we’d get the best of both worlds, now it’d get us almost back on side, back in the club”, Ben added. 

“Also, as far as the Americans are concerned where we used to be that input into Europe in that close way that we’ve last.

“We’d get back in there, perhaps we’d gain some more influence with America as well.”

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