We will vote in the public interest Starmer says Labour WILL vote for vaccine passports

Boris Johnson labelled 'unfit for office' by Keir Starmer

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The Labour leader has told BBC host Andrew Marr that his MP will be instructed to vote for the Government’s vaccine passports proposals in Parliament on Tuesday. The Government will face a potential humiliating Commons defeat on the issue of vaccine passports without the support of opposition MPs. A number of rebellious Conservative backbenchers have in recent days declared they will vote down the legislation. 

The BBC presenter asked the Leader of the Opposition: “It looks pretty clear from the numbers that you could defeat these measures in the House of Commons, you’ve already said as a party that they weren’t working.

“And by doing that, you could bring about a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister next week, will you?”

Sir Keir told Andrew Marr: Throughout the pandemic, we’ve acted in the public interest. I’m very concerned about the new variants. And I do think these measures are necessary. Therefore we’ll be voting for the measures on Tuesday to protect the NHS and protect the public.

We’re not going to be tempted into playing party politics here. We will act in the public interest.”


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