Wallace has acted appallingly Pen Farthing friend in brutal rant at MoD and Ben Wallace

Pen Farthing’s friend says Ben Wallace has ‘acted appallingly’

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Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Monday, Dominic Dyer, an animal rights activist lambasted the Defence Secretary for his handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan where he accused Mr Wallace of “covering his tracks” and being “abusive” towards him and Pen Farthing. He claimed the attacks by Mr Wallace are an effort to divert attention from the MoD’s catastrophic handling of the evacuation process which has left thousands of Afghan’s who assisted Britain abandoned and at the mercy of the Taliban.

He slammed: “Mr Wallace has acted appallingly when he came on this television programme last week.

“He was talking in quite an abusive language about me and Pen

“He is swearing expletives on LBC radio.

“He is covering his tracks on what is a disastrous action in Afghanistan which he as Defence Secretary has responsibilities alongside the government.”

He went on to slam Mr Wallace’s political advisor, Peter Quentin, who he accused of leaking a foul-mouthed voicemail to the Sunday Time which Mr Farthing can leave on his phone.

Farthing can be heard screaming a volley of expletives at Mr Quentin and at one point says “I will f****** destroy you!” 

Mr Dyer said: “Mr Quentin, his political adviser, leaked that television conversation, a private one, in very heated circumstances from Kabul.

“I don’t know what he was thinking of doing!”

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