Trump promotes an experimental treatment, as Biden calls his virus approach ‘a tragedy.’

President Trump said on Wednesday that he considered his struggle with the coronavirus a “blessing from God,” and promoted an experimental cocktail of drugs that is still in clinical trials.

“I call that a cure,” Mr. Trump said during a video address in which he claimed that he would provide hundreds of thousands of doses of the unapproved treatment to Americans free of charge.

Mr. Trump, whose skin appeared darkened by makeup and who appeared to struggle to get air at times, repeatedly mentioned the name of the company that produces the cocktail, Regeneron.

Asked about the president’s comments, his Democratic rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr., treaded cautiously.

“I’m going to think before I speak,” Mr. Biden said, according to a pool report. “I think it’s a tragedy the president deals with Covid like it is something not to be worried about when already 210,000 people have died.”

Asked if the medication Mr. Trump was taking for his illness was affecting his mental health, Mr. Biden demurred. “I have no idea and I’d never comment on the president’s mental health,” he said.

It is impossible to know the president’s exact status with the disease. Most people with the coronavirus eventually recover, and medical experts have said that Mr. Trump is most likely still battling it.

The president said that everyone should have access to the still-unapproved drug for “free” and that he would make sure it was in every hospital as soon as possible. He did not provide any details, other than saying the military could help distribute it.

“Good luck,” Mr. Trump said, ending the video.

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