Top lawyer vows to litigate Khan and oust him as Mayor after seven-year screw up

Mozammel Hossain Explains Why He Wants To Be London Mayor

Top KC Mozammel Hossain has vowed to use his abilities as a leading criminal barrister to tear into Sadiq Khan’s record as Mayor of London.

Mr Hossain is one of three hopefuls shortlisted to be the Conservative candidate next year to run for London Mayor in May along with Assembly member Susan Hall and former special adviser Daniel Korski.

He is the first Bangladeshi to have been made a Queen’s Council (now King’s Council) after arriving in the UK aged 21 having grown up the eighth child of a poor family in a mud hut.

Mr Hossain vowed to lean on his “professional experience” to take on Khan “or whoever Labour puts up”.

He said: “I will litigate Sadiq Khan. I will expose his failures. If it’s me against him that’s not a single attack line he can use against me.”

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He mocked Mr Khan for talking about his humble origins as the “son of a bus driver” compared to his even humbler origins growing up in a mud hut.

He said: “Even the Martians know his father was a bus driver. My darling father possibly never saw a bus in the village. It won’t be about backstory anymore. It will be about his record.

“This is a complete tone-deaf approach Sadiq Khan is taking.

“He keeps saying he cares about people. He keeps talking about his background, his roots, he has forgotten them. I have it. It shapes me every day.”

Mr Hossain believes his background will enable him more than any other potential Tory candidate to reach out to London’s different communities.

He said: “They’ll be willing to listen to me because of my back story, because of my because of the life I have lived.

“I’ve worked and lived across London. I have deep connections with every community in London.

“I am able to litigate Sadiq Khan a case against him because they’ll be willing to listen to me because of who I am and I can expose him.”

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Mr Hossain believes that Mr Khan’s top three failures are a failure to provide housing for people in London; his plans to expand ULEZ to fund his mismanagement of Transport for London (TfL), which is close to bankruptcy; and the fact that crime is so bad in London people no longer feel safe.

Mr Hossain, a criminal barrister, said: “Crime is the number one failure.

It should really, really offend everybody that he’s the Policing and Crime Commissioner in London and the Met in this special measures. He never led properly.”

Mr Hossain spoke of meeting a couple whose son works in a pub 15 minutes walk away but they insist on him getting an Uber home because they are afraid of him being attacked on the streets.

He said: “I spoke to a tech billionaire who is sending his child to America to University because he does not feel they are safe in London.”

He also pointed out that Mr Khan is in charge of the fire service “and it is in special measures too.”

Mr Hossain vowed that he will switch off the ULEZ expansion on day one of being mayor pointing out that in outer London public transport connections are abysmal.

He said: “Imagine if you’re a nurse, finished your shift in Orpington Hospital at 3 in the morning, but you live in Kent. How are you going to go home? Tell me? Three in the morning. After a long shift, you have to pay £12.50 (for Khan’s ULEZ charge) a day to get home because there is no train.

How is the nurse going to afford it? Why is Khan doing it? If he really cares about poor or hard-working people, why is he doing it?”

On housing, Mr Khan set a target of 116,000 affordable new homes in 2016 but has only achieved 63,817.

Mr Hossain would use TfL land and other land owned by the Mayor to build new homes for people in London.

He said: “The London I came to look their university brimming with opportunities. Look at it now. Sadly, Khan’s failures are denying people those opportunities.”

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