This is it! Boris hails new Brexit masterplan to unleash Global Britain – EU rules slashed

Brexit is the 'best thing that could have happened' says Wootton

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Last month the senior Conservative backbencher handed the Prime Minister his report on how to capitalise on the opportunities presented by leaving the EU. It came after Sir Iain was appointed to lead a Taskforce alongside MPs Theresa Villiers and George Freeman to look at post-Brexit innovation, growth and regulatory reform.

Sir Iain has told exactly how the Prime Minister responded to the findings of the report as he struck an optimistic note that the Taskforce’s recommendations would be implemented in full.

“He is determined this is the reason we left,” the Chingford and Woodford Green MP said as told this website of Boris Johnson’s excitement at the plans to radically overhaul EU red tape and bureaucracy.

“He said to me, ‘this encompasses the reason why the British people voted to leave the EU and we now need to action it.

‘This will help with the levelling up agenda and the improvement to the UK economy more than anything else’.”

The 130-page report was made public a fortnight ago, detailing scores of radical proposals to boost the UK’s economy going forwards.

Sir Iain added: “He’s given this report to Lord David Frost and he will now oversee the implementation and he’s asked for us to keep a watchful eye on this.”

Over the period of about four months the reform Taskforce spoke to dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses, trade bodies, academics and think tanks to get their insight into how EU rules had held them back and what Britain should do with its newfound freedom.

In total more than 100 recommendations were made to Mr Johnson in the report.

Proposals included scrapping the much-hated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and opening up more scope for pension scheme investments.

The MPs also recommended introducing a “one in, two out” rule for new laws, in which for every new piece of legislation introduced by the UK, two burdensome laws leftover from EU membership should be scrapped.

Sir Iain said: “The problem that we had with being a member of the European Union is that they follow a different structure of law to us.

“The basis of our law-making and out principles and even all of the natural rights that we have are based on common law, which is law put together over a period of time-based on the principle that if the Government doesn’t say that something is illegal then it means that it is right to proceed and you are allowed to do whatever you want until the Government says no.

“European Union law is the other way around.

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“It says you are not necessarily right to do anything you want, even if the Government hasn’t specifically said no.

“In other words, the precautionary principle is followed, whereas in the UK that isn’t the same.

“The problem is, for 48 years we’ve followed this process with more and more regulations piled in from Europe.

“It’s been based on the precautionary principle, which means basically, trying to anticipate every single potential problem that could go wrong and legislate for it.”

He added now Britain was freed from the EU after nearly 50 years of membership the country “should return to the common law principle” that has governed for centuries.

When the Taskforce’s findings were made public, Mr Johnson publicly praised the Conservative MPs for having “more than delivered” in their report.

He said the suggestions were “only the beginning of our drive to realise the promises of Brexit”.

The Prime Minister added: “We will give your report the detailed consideration it deserves, consult widely across industry and civil society, and publish a response as soon as is practicable.”

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