Thats enough! Labour MP cut off after using BBCQT for party political broadcast

Question Time: Fiona Bruce shuts down ‘party political broadcast’

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BBC’s Fiona Bruce scrambled to shut down Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire pitch for Government amid concerns the Question Time programme was slipping into a “party political broadcast”. Ms Bruce abruptly cut off Ms Debbonaire, insisting: “Okay, Thangam, this is turning into a party political broadcast and I think that’s quite enough, thank you.” The remark came as the shadow leader of the Commons praised Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet reshuffle this week.

An audience member Carl McDermott asked: “After the recent reshuffle is the Labour Party now a credible opposition or must they continue to rely on Conservative blunders to make their progress in the polls?”

Ms Debbonaire laughed in response, as Ms Bruce snapped at the MP: “You’re laughing., let’s see if you are still laughing in a minute.”

To the BBC host’s surprise, Lib Dem MP Wendy Chamberlain praised the reshuffle.

Ms Chamberlain said: “As an opposition politician, I do feel like this is a reshuffle that is looking forward positively for the Labour Party. We need to have a credible opposition.”

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Ms Bruce responded: “It’s not often we hear a rival party praise another party’s reshuffle.

“But isn’t a second reshuffle in six months an indication the first one didn’t work?”

The Labour MP said: “I can point to any number of U-turns that my party that I’m proud to be a shadow cabinet member of, has forced the Government into in the last year when it was necessary.

“I think this reshuffle is a sign we reflected and tried it out.

Keir Starmer savaged over Labour reshuffle

“Personally, I cannot wait to see Yvette Cooper take on Priti Patel in the dispatch box.

“She is a force of nature, that woman. So too is the entire shadow cabinet. It is a slimmed-down, effective shadow cabinet scrutinising the government.

“We are waiting and eager for Government by working hard.”


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This pitch for Government prompted the BBC Question Time host to intervene, as Ms Bruce said: “Okay, Thangam, this is turning into a party political broadcast and I think that’s quite enough, thank you.”

Viewers hit out at the exchange as @Ian17582266 tweeted that the programme was “nothing but a Labour broadcast”.

Keir Starmer carried out a ruthless overhaul of his team on Tuesday, including bringing back Yvette Cooper to the frontbench as shadow Home Secretary.

The leader’s latest reshuffle was seen as a lurch towards the right of the party.

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