Sturgeons indyref2 dreams shattered as Scotland to lose £15 BILLION

Scotland facing 'massive hikes in taxation' says McTernan

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Nicola Sturgeon confirmed “preparatory work is underway” to enable a second referendum to be held – a commitment both the SNP and their Scottish Green Party partners in Government made in their manifestos for last year’s Holyrood elections. But Tony Blair’s former political secretary, John McTernan, has pointed out major issues Scots face in an independent Scotland. Speaking to GB News, Mr McTernan said: “It’s clear the nationalists can’t work out the answer to the question, how can Scotland lose £15billion a year of a fiscal transfer from the UK without massive cuts?

“More is spent on public service in Scotland. There’s raised taxation, they now can’t fill it with oil revenues because the oil is now running out and the SNP is committed to keeping oil and gas in the North Sea.”

He added: “At a certain point the facts are so big they can’t be denied.

“The SNP attempted to say, ‘it’s all about heart, it’s not about head’. £15billion is the size of the funding for the whole of the NHS for Scotland.

“It’s a lot of money.

“Scotland could be independent, it’s just it couldn’t have public services at the same level it has at the moment without massive hikes in taxation and massive hikes in borrowing.”

It comes as Babcock could relocate its shipyard at Rosyth to England within a few years if it is not welcome in an independent Scotland, the chief executive of the defence firm has said.

David Lockwood said the timescales around any future independence negotiations mean such a move would be “manageable”, though not ideal.

He spoke after the Prime Minister visited the Fife shipyard on Monday and saw work being carried out to build the first new Type 31 frigate for the Royal Navy.

The same site assembled the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

Boris Johnson praises SNP’s ‘attitude’ towards freeports

However SNP MP Stewart McDonald responded to Mr Lockwood’s concerns by saying the Rosyth yard would “always” be welcome in an independent Scotland.

Mr Lockwood told The Courier he welcomed the deal announces recently between the Scottish and UK governments for two green freeports in Scotland.

Asked about a second independence referendum, he told the newspaper: “I lived in Scotland for 10 years and it was a rumbling thing then and I think it’s just going to be a rumbling thing.

“I think in reality there will be plenty of warning if the vote were in favour of independence.


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“There would then be a negotiation period and at the end of the negotiation period there would be an implementation period.

“I don’t think there is anything that we can’t manage as a company.

“When you look at the timelines, there’s nothing we can’t manage as a company.

“If we had to replicate this in England because we were told we weren’t welcome here – which I think would be a bad mistake for Scotland – but if that were the decision, we can replicate this in three years, and the time window of negotiations is longer than that.

“It’s not ideal but it is manageable.”

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