Sturgeon shooting herself in foot by running campaign without independence plan – expert

Nicola Sturgeon says 'the BBC should be accurate'

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The Scottish First Minister has continually called for a second independence referendum if the SNP secure a majority in the Holyrood elections this week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he would reject any calls for a second vote after the Scottish public voted to remain part of the UK in a “once in a lifetime” vote back in 2014.

But Ms Sturgeon lashed out at Mr Johnson claiming he was not “entitled to stand in the way of the democratic choices of the people of Scotland”.

She warned the Prime Minister would have to take the Scottish government to court to stop her second referendum.

However, the Scottish First Minister has torn apart for calling for a second independence referendum despite not having an up-to-date plan in place.

Effie Deans, a well-known blogger of Scottish politics, wrote in her latest post: “Nicola Sturgeon does not have an independence plan.

“The last one produced in 2018 is completely out of date and she hasn’t got another one.

“The SNP hopes to produce another before a future independence referendum if and when it happens.

“But she will argue that the election to the Scottish Parliament will give her a mandate for holding it even though she does not herself know what independence would involve.”

She went on to say how if Ms Sturgeon does not know what the plan is for independence “how can the Scottish voters know either?”

The blogger continued: “Sturgeon either refuses or is unable to answer various questions about independence.

“The practical questions such as EU membership, currency, border and Scotland’s share of the national debt are unanswered.

“But this means that every single voter who choses the SNP does not know what he is voting for.

“Logically the Scottish electorate cannot give informed consent to a referendum on Scottish independence, because it has not been informed about it.

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“But without informed consent, there can be no question of a mandate for a policy.”

She added how there has been “no debate” about the SNP’s plan for independence because the party does not have one.

Ms Dean continued: “But there has been no debate about the SNP’s plan for independence because it doesn’t have one.

“For instance, the SNP plan when it arrives might say that an independent Scotland would join the euro.

“If Scottish voters now knew this, they might reject the idea of an independence referendum.

“This means that the SNP cannot claim a mandate for a policy that might be rejected if only the voters knew about it.

“The SNP cannot, therefore, claim a mandate at all.”

Ms Dean, who is a pro-UK unionist, warned at the moment “independence is a bad idea”.

She warned: “Let’s imagine that the SNP comes up with a new plan.

“It is not possible to imagine that Nicola Sturgeon would publicly state, I’m sorry fellow Scottish nationalists, but given our new plan, I have decided that for the moment independence is a bad idea.

“Likewise, many SNP voters want independence come what may, no matter what it involves.”

Scotland will go to the polls on May 6.

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