Sturgeon isnt fit to run a bath! Brits direct fury at SNP leader – order her to resign

Nicola Sturgeon refuses to rule out closing border with England

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The Scottish First Minister faced calls to resign after she announced changes to self-isolation guidelines. Ms Sturgeon warned the Omicron strain of Covid is likely to replace Delta as the dominant form of the virus within days.

Ms Sturgeon said the 110 cases recorded in the country so far was only the “tip of the iceberg”.

But now, Britons have lashed out at Ms Sturgeon, with many claimed the First Minister will never resign as she is “addicted to power”.

One reader, Sterling77a, said: “The dictator Sturgeon must resign.

“#ResignSturgeon… For God’s sake go.

“You have done so much damage to Scotland, it will take a generation to rebuild.”

Another reader, known as stiainless1506, commented: “She is addicted to the power and that is why she won’t resign.”

A third person, James Bond 007, echoed: “She is a power hungry tyrant not fit to run a bath.”

A fourth reader, Ipanema, added: “Sturgeon’s only interested in getting one over on Boris in her Indie drive and being in our faces each day with the same cut and paste tripe.”

Someone else, Brian at home, commented: “The way to get rid of the woman is not to vote for the SNP.”

An reader, known as BC, launched a scathing attack on the SNP leader.

They said: “She has done far worse.

“She has ruined Scotland’s reputation.

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“She wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayers money.

“If she didn’t resign due to her fiscal incompetence, she is not going to resign over her incompetence in handling the pandemic.”

Exlancslad added: “There is no way in the world that Sturgeon would resign.

“No matter what the situation.”

Liverpool2020 commented: “She only cares about independence, nothing else matters to her.”

While Alf101 said: “Resign, as a failed solicitor she was sacked for professional misconduct.

“After 15 years as a failed councillor she needs to be sacked for treasonous behaviour and failure for trying to sell Scotland to a foreign institution.

“Enough is enough. Scotland deserves better.”

Ms Sturgeon said from Saturday, all household contacts of any Covid cases should isolate for 10 days, regardless of vaccination status and even a negative PCR test.

On Friday, Scotland recorded a further 5,018 cases of the virus – a sharp rise on the recent daily average of around 2,800 cases.

However, the number of people in hospital with the virus fell slightly to 573, with around 40 patients in intensive care.

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